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I'm Ed.

So Glad You’re Here.

At the young age of 32, I experienced debilitating pain.  By the age of 36, I was pain free.  After years of searching and trying different healing modalities, I was able to heal myself naturally from daily muscle/joint pain (legs, hips, back), limited mobility, unbearable physical pain in the mornings, depression, and hopelessness.

Today, I’m healthy, strong, and pain free. If you’d like to learn how to help yourself heal and become pain free, you’ve come to the right place.

Now Accepting Applications
Beta Coaching Program

If you have been suffering from severe mental, emotional, or physical pain for greater than 10 years, and have tried everything without lasting results, I want to work with you. 

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for my $2000 signature program “21 Day Transformation” at NO CHARGE, my program is now open for enrollment. 

I am accepting applications for those who wish to participate. Next class starts Wednesday 7/7/21 (and runs through 7/28/21).

In this coaching program, I coach you for free in exchange for allowing me to record our zoom sessions and document your healing journey with me.  This program is limited to only 5 people at a time as I dedicate a lot of 1on1 time during the duration of the program.

Prepare to transform your life and be the best version of yourself!

Success stories

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I wish to give a shout out to Edmund Lee who just yesterday guided me through a huge mind shift. As soon as I acknowledged a cement heavy block weighing my success down, I released it and began to forgive and love not only myself, but the culprits I "bought into their negatively." I own (value) my desires for prosperity. Thank you!
TuckerBusiness Owner
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Within 2 weeks of working together, I noticed a dramatic shift in my life. I instantly became more calm and collected. My nervous system was no longer jumpy. I had this subtle sense of being internally settled, quieted, and centered.
MesropBusiness Owner
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He takes me through powerful methodologies that he has and he relieves me greatly emotionally, and as my negative emotions leave me, I also feel very good physically. Thank you very much Edmund for the work you are doing. I will refer you clients as long as I live.
JeffreyProperty Manager
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Life changing techniques you have introduced me to! So far my wife is extremely happy I'm getting in touch with my feelings. Thank you for working with me and having patience.
JulesProject Manager
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Before working with Edmund, I was dealing with daily buzzing in my ears from tinnitus. After working with Edmund, the daily buzzing started to dissipate over the course of a few months. What used to be daily buzzing now only occurs on occasion.
RuthBusiness Owner
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During our initial session, it was as if Edmund was solving a jigsaw puzzle right in front of my eyes. It was like he was taking puzzle pieces of information, sorting them, making sense of them, and then putting them back together in a manner where they would form a complete picture. In this particular instance, the puzzle pieces of information were my background history and the complete picture was the roadmap to being pain free.
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My mind chatter is not as much as when we started. I can sleep now when I wish to sleep. I still have those thoughts, but not as bad and as painful as it was before. I haven't had my neck pain for awhile now. I have forgotten about my pain.


I originally approached Edmund because I had been experiencing symptoms of brain fog for the past 10 years. Over the years, the brain fog has had a negative effect on my ability to retain and recall information quickly.

I never would have thought that my brain fog could be connected to the emotional pain that I had experienced 10 years ago. I can’t believe how quickly I got results after just 1 session.

I have gone from not knowing what was causing my brain fog to having my brain fog significantly cleared up. With the roadmap Edmund has provided, I have already made a huge shift in my life.


Within 2 weeks of working together, I noticed a dramatic shift in my life. I instantly became more calm and collected. My nervous system was no longer jumpy. I had this subtle sense of being internally settled, quieted, and centered.

The quality of my work transformed right in front of my eyes. I suddenly noticed that I was working from this more present internal place. I was connecting with clients on a deeper level than before. My clients were now getting my 100% and this was translating into more effective results for them, and a greater sense of accomplishment and service from me.

What happened next still shocks me. For whatever reason, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night as frequently to use the restroom. The protocol I’m following seems to be helping my body function more efficiently.


About 7 years ago, I began to experience pains in my neck muscles. This pain got progressively worse over the years until one day, I woke up to such excruciating pain, I had no choice but to go to hospital. Turns out my discs were degenerating and I had medium spinal stenosis. I didn't want to rely on pain medication, or perform surgery, and my physical therapy wasn't helping to relieve the pains at all. I was beginning to accept that my neck pain was something I had to deal with everyday and tough out.

But then I began to listen to Edmund's council. Through his guidance and help, I have seen a remarkable reduction in my neck pains, sometimes even feeling no pain at all. Not only that, I have developed a better understanding of how life's traumas/experiences from our past can affect our present situations and outcomes.

Edmund's techniques have not only helped me to reduce my aches and pains, but have also helped me gain a much clearer understanding and overall unwinding of emotional blockages.

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